Friday, November 27, 2009


So, we have been way busy lately, and Ive TOTALLY slacked on blogging. I know, because some of my friends have reminded me how bad I suck... :) haha. THese things are being posted in no specific order. I have hardly taken any pics in the last month. Oh well. Here goes.
Halloween! Matt and I were gladiators. I loved our costumes :) Matt kept saying how comfy his "dress" was. Funny!
Me, Ali, and Jamie in our costumes. Gladiator, Robin, and a Geisha. What a deadly combo we were.
Me and Matt. We had so much fun at a party at our Friends the Kirschbaums. We all made Spooky treats, and ate a ton. Fun times!!
My team of vampires at work.

Trever, Kristin, Rigdon and Madi have been here since about the 18th or so. We have had SOOOO much fun spending time with them. What precious little kids. I would totally claim them as my own.
Here is Madi rearranging the end table in the living room. (note: the cute engagement pic in the just sayin...)
2 sweet boys-My lil bro James, and Kash.
Oma (gramma) and Madi J
(bad pic) Me and Madi--She is always smiling. They call her Peaches. Rigdon says it SOOO cute :)
My weird brother taking his own picture :)
Scout saying "CHEESE"
Ill try to be better on the bloggity. But, with my life as crazy as it is right now, Im not making any promises :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!