Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lotsa Catchin up to do!

This is a recap of what we've been up to for the last little while:

MY brother Trev and his cute wife Kristin are here visiting from Seattle. I love love Rigdon and Madilynn (my neice and nephew) and love every second I get to spend with them.
Here is Rigdon bein a cutie as always
He LOVES to take pics! He took this one of me.
He was showing us how if you put a flashlight up close to your skin, it glows (only, the lights were on ;) )
I told him to show me his train wreck. Cutie pie Kash was showing me too, but got distracted.
Here's my little buddy. Soo fun to have kids around!
At the hotel that is just adjascent to my work, there was a charity event that involved owners of limited production cars, and we walked over to see them. They were sooo nice! It was pretty fun to see them. Here's a GT
My boss's daughter Devani posing by a bentley

My cute boss, Melissa with some Hott cars.
This pic of me is really scary, and I look pretty chubby, but here is Me and my sis Mikela at the Famous Preston night rodeo :)
We went boating with some of our best friends, Richie and Brody for Richie's 25th bday last weekend. It was a blast! The water at Willard bay is definitely warmer than Bear Lake!
Me and matt on the tube
RIchie and I just enjoying the awesome water temp.
Matt and I chillin in the boat.
The weekend before Willard Bay, we went up to a place called Scare Canyon with Justin and Jamie (Good friends of ours) to Justins cabin. THe morning when we woke up there was a moose like 100 yards away at a salt lick. It was pretty cool.
We've also been to Bear Lake a bunch. Here is my awesome neice Jenna and I trying to be cool while the men work on putting in a new deck on the boathouse.
Here is a pic of some of the progress. Matt and his dad and brother-in-laws worked really hard for more than one weekend on it, and Ill have to take a pic of the finished product. It looks GREAT!
Last but not least, here is my most recent belly pic. This is me at just about 24 weeks. I have 3 months and 14 days left until my due date. I CANT WAIT!!!!!