Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So I hardly took any pics of the whole Christmas celebration! I suck, i guess :) But there are a few to share.
Here is Matt First thing Christmas morning
Yummy stocking candy! Mmmmm we love Lindt chocolates!!
Bro in laws Jeff and Chris chillaxin after a HUGE christmas breakfast

Matt and I waiting for neices and nephews to open their presents (I cut my hair!)

Cant see the back (where it is a lot shorter)
I look pretty content listening to Chris's b.s. ;) TEASIN!
Baby Danielle is SOOOO sweet!

Those are all of the pics I had! We had the best Christmas ever, and wish everyone much happiness!

Monday, December 22, 2008

I *HEART* Utah in winter!

Enjoying the Photo Gallery at ksl.com. I live in the prettiest state ever :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

So you cant really see how hard it is snowing in this pic, but it was taken out of the window right by my desk. It is a blizzard, and its supposed to snow everyday for the next 7. Better get out the board and Skis! It really makes it feel a lot more like Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

little madelynn

Shes Obviously beutiful just like we all knew she would be! Love that we have a little girl in the family now. Kinda makes you want one of your own doesnt it ;)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dyer, Party of 4!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Madelynn J Dyer

Thats her name! :)

Baby Girl Dyer

My bro Trever and his wife Kristin just had their baby girl! 6 lbs 6 oz 19.5" long born at 9:16 am PST 12/16/08. She does not have a name yet, but Im SOOOO happy to be the aunt of a little girl now! Ill post pics when i get them, but She is in Seattle, and im in logan, so hopefully they email some soon! Yay for new babies!

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Fabulous weekend time!

I think i love the weekends so much because I can get SOOO much stuff done! I have been trying really hard lately to make our house cuter, for as cheap as i can. Thats why I LOVe going to thrift stores every week to see what they have got. Love that! I wish I lived in a city where people threw cool stuff in the alleys, or dumpsters, and I would totally dumpster dive for a good find :) got a sweet old pitcher for a couple dollars, that Matt is CONVINCED is from like the prohibition or something. He suggested we take it to the "Antiques Roadshow"......Ummm we'll see if we can find it online first... ;) it is cool, but I definitely dont think we found something worth a small fortune! I also got some more fabric that is really cute, and matches the fabric on my ottoman, and baskets! Woo hoo! Made some HOMEMADE ornaments for the tree, and a branch boquet from the bushes in the backyard :) Busy weekend, but lots of fun!!!
The cool Pitcher
New art project

Matchy fabric that I love!

Pretty Sunset over the Wellsvilles

Branch boquet

Love him :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Best weekend ever! :)

So this weekend was prettu much the funnest time ever! Matt and I had a lot of fun Putting up the tree, decorating, visiting our FAVORITE thrift store, eating out, shopping, and hangin with Fam and friends. It was so nice to have extra time off work, i loved it :) Started with Thanksgiving dinner at the ROWBERRYS house. YUM!!! it was sooooo good! everyone was there except one of Matts sisters (Jill) and her family. We missed them! I didnt actually take any pics of dinner or anything, but this is Matt waiting for Pie after.

Matts neices Jenna and Estella reading the Diggingest Dog :) Estella loves books, and Jenna!

Friday was shopping with my sis at 5 am!!! Thanks KayLA! we really did have a lot of fun! Spent a lot of Money, and were EXHAUSTED by the time we were done. I got this BEuTiFul bedding set! I love it! we got some really pretty quilts for our wedding, but then we got a new HUGE bed (thanks T&K) and none of our Queen size quilts fit! So I found this whole set with the cute squares on the bedskirt and pillows. Love it!

Found ALL of these pillows at Somebodys attic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that store! If you live near Logan, or Smithfield, GO (all of their proceeds go to support CAPSA)! They have such good deals, and I always find the cutest stuff!
Like these baskets that I recovered with fabric I used to do my ottoman a while ago! They had ugly country apples on them before

Also Did some Stocking crafting! I love Christmas, Freakin love it!

Found these VINTAGE ornaments from Somebodys attic! They are from 1975-1979! They are way cute, and were .50 each!!! They all came in the Original Hallmark box. Love em! BTW thats my new cute tree skirt! :)
Put up the tree! matt leaves the lights on all day long :) I put up some cute rope that matched our stockings. I think it turned out sooo cute!