Sunday, May 31, 2009

Baby ducks!

A dozen baby ducks and their mama live by us!  The canal is just on our corner, and we even have to wait for them to cross the street.  Geez I love spring time!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

death sickness sux

So Memorial weekend was supposed to be full of fun and adventure...supposed to means it wasnt.  I got sick starting friday, and by sat evening I was bed ridden until tuesday.  Talk about sad.  Poor Matt had to keep scout entertained and play nurse/cook/housemaid for me :) he did awesome.  He came home from work last night sick though, and stayed home today.  Sorry Honey.  Well in the days of boredom, I did do a few things to try and entertain myself.  

This sign is made from left over wood from my bedside table project. 
It sits on the molding above the living room/kitchen door.  Cute, I think.  
This for the bookshelf by the front door
I made a fabric covered memo board from an old picture frame. and a little wipe board from a small frame and scrapbook paper.  I made 2 of these actually.
here is the redone computer station  Covered a magnetic caddy with paper and modge podge and covered some magazine boxes with cute paper.  I love it.

Matt has been taking way good care of the lawn and flowers.  I will have to put up some pics of our beer hops.  They grow no less than a foot a day.  They are getting to be really pretty and the water lillies are going to be blooming soon.  I love our new place.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Computer :)

So we finally broke down and bought a new computer!  I love it already.  We used some of my car money to have one built for us.  My co-worker Chase has a computer building and repair business.  If you live in logan give him a SHOUT OUT--hes the cheapest repair in town.  He did an awesome job on building ours, and has VERY VERY reasonable prices :) I guess in a few weeks we'll get a new monitor too, but for now this is just great.  We had a fun night last night.  Our good friends Richie and Brody came over for dinner.  Richie works with me, and yesterday got a promotion, so I cooked dinner for all of us.  It was Yummy :)  We love having them over.  Thanks guys!  Another good buddy of mine, Skyler (a friend i made about 5 years ago at EK Ekcessories...oh the memories ;) )came over to visit.  He is sucha funny kid.  I just love him! It was a good night, and we cant wait to get our internet hooked up (tomorrow) I told Matt it was silly, but I didnt know what to do on the computer without the internet :)  Fun times, and good friends!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Health days, Craft-a-rama-and Mothers Day

First let me start by saying I didnt take one picture all weekend.  Wah Wah.  Matt took a couple of pics of the things we made for our moms for mothers day, but thats all.  Bummer!  Saturday morning my mom, my sis and me did the fun run for Smithfield's Health Days Celebration.  It was really fun :)  We went to some Garage sales, then we went to the Health Days Parade.  With my dad.  Sooo fun!  I had a blast.  (Matt was fishing this whole time)  Sunday we went to my parents with my Aunt Kim, and her whole family it was a FULL HOUSE.  but Oh So fun, and the food was KILLER!  Mmmm I love hamburgers from the grill!  After that we went to Matts Parents for more food and good times.  I felt like I had eaten thanksgiving dinner last night.  can we say OVEREATING ??? :)  Sunday morning and saturday night were spent painting, modge-podging and cutting, etc to make these little cuties for our FABULOUS mothers.  We love em!

P.S. I made them from old cabinet doors that were FREE at a yardsale in smithfield.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I **heart** yard sales!

Just a few of the fabulous finds ive score recently at some awesome yardsales!  me and matt just love going to them on saturday.  Driving around early in the morning just laughing and being silly.  SOOO fun!  Even though the last 2 weekends it has POURED rain (or snowed) we still have Tons-O-fun :)
whole set of dishes (stonewear) $5
and this table...toped with a slab o marble and made of solid white oak.....$5!  Love it! but it still is getting painted...
and my little puppy is getting so big!  we just love having him in our house.  Cutie pie.