Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day Crafts

This is what I made my dad for fathers day this year. I think they turned out pretty cute. THe papa sign is on a board from my Dad's parents ranch in Colorado, and the DAD is just in a 3 picture frame.

Goofin Around :)

The other day we just decided to go to this park on the island that I just LOVE. It is right by where the canal broke last year off of Crockett Ave (if you live in Logan/Cache Valley), but it is just beautiful there! This pic is the river that sort of runs by part of the part. SOOO pretty (and sooo loud).
SO cute! We just decided to snap some pics in the trees by a canal that branches off of the river above at another part of the park.
These 2 cool trees were like perfect for standing on over the river. I was being a little silly
I told Matt to make a serious face, and this is what I got. He laughed so hard when he saw the face I pulled. ;)
We were going to Caspers to get ice cream after the park, and ended up chasing/following this guy all around logan/river heights/providence. yes, we followed him for a while, originally seeing him down on the island, then again in river heights where we thought he was going to land, but didnt, then as we were in Providence he landed randomly in a church parking lot by Maceys. It was pretty cool.