Monday, April 11, 2011

My baby keeps me busy....Obviously :)

So I know I've told a few people that I hate my blog and wish it was dead. Well, I don't really. I just hate how long it takes to upload images now. It seems like it takes 3 times as long. Anyway, Here are some pics of our sweetheart. He is so fun, and such a cutie!
Wearing dad's Packers beanie. We are so glad our team won the superbowl!
Just playin with no clothes on
I don't know why this pic is so grainy, but the boys were all decked out in their packers gear during the playoffs.
Cutest boy ever. Chillin in his bathrobe.
Here's Kale with the cute buddy bear that Aunt Jeannie and Aunt Lorraine sent him. He loves it!
With Hannah at the bowling alley. This was between Christmas and New Years. Just over 1 month old
Here he is with buddy bear again

Madilynn, Rigdon, and Kash all playin with baby Kale. This was the night before Christmas Eve (I think)
Grama Darlee (Oma) gave him a cute aggies outfit, and his Aunt Pam from California made him the most adorable quilt! He wasn't too happy. Here he is about 2 months old
I just think this pic is too cute not to post.
This is about 3 1/2 months. He always has a big ol smile on his face, and lights up the room.
Layin with Scout
What a big boy in his Bumbo.
Couldn't leave out scout, he loves to make nests with all of my pillows on the couch
This is about a week ago. He is so silly, and has to wear his monster gloves lots cuz he loves to scratch his face.
Wearin daddy's hat
2 weeks ago, cousins Kaitlyn and Connor came to see the new house and play with Kale
He is soo big! He is the best baby, too. Just loves life almost all of the time.
Some cute new jammies Jamie and Justin bought him
Showin off how he can sit up ALL ON HIS OWN now. I just wish time would SLOW DOWN DANGIT!
We love him so so so much, and our house is so much more fun with him here. We are super busy, and lotsa times don't have time for bloggin, but We'll try.....