Monday, August 17, 2009

random things

First off, Today (im not working--YAY!) I made this cute ruffley shirt from an old long sleeved one I had. Love it! Used this tutorial (tons of great ideas)
The other day my sweet Husbie made me a delicious, and cute snack ;) Love him!!!!
I made this cute flag out of a window--YES I still have windows that arent crafted--im running out of ideas! I love this though!
THis is typical for scout on a day that me or matt is home (so it must be what he does when we arent home) Lazy bones!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Favorite Saturday Morning Activity!

Yup Another day of fun yard saling. Went with my sis, and my cute Cuzin Lexi. We didnt find a TON of stuff, but it was still fun.
Love the details on this pretty silver dish. It is stamped and numbered on the bottom, so I think ill prolly take it to antiques roadshow next time the come around. It will probably be worth so much I can retire early! ;)

Cute dressy shorts for work brand new 1.00. Everything else here was .50. Cute stuff :)
These brown baskets were $1. the white baskets for our computer/craft/scouts room $1 for 8 Silver bowl $1 and picture frame .10! Thats already been spray painted black :) way cuter now. My S.I.L. Kristin went yard saling today in Puyuallup, WA where she lives and got some major scores too! Its just so much fun treasure hunting :)

Zucchini Brownies

Best brownies I have ever had!

Go right on over --->HERE<--- for the awesome and easy peasy recipe. Seriously. So GOOD!

Sorry about the incomplete photo--Matt is a brownie destroyer and raced me to the pan. he got there before I grabbed the camera ;)