Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Hooty Hoo!

Yesterday some friends threw a Birthday BBQ for a good friend of ours, Casey Hooton (Hooty). It was really fun! We grilled hamburgers, and had a fire, sang happy birthday and even had him blow out the candles on his cake. The turn out was really good, many of our friends came to celebrate with him! Happy Birthday Hooty! We all love you :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plant Series: part 1

I planted these bulbs in February. I have never had a successful attempt at having a plant sprout from a seed. It has never worked for me. So, by about the end of March, i was thinking that for sure my dollar store bulbs would not sprout. I was proved wrong in mid April when I looked at my hanging basket and saw not one but 2 little sprouts! The excitement that came from my body was undescribable! I was so excited that I decided to take a picture every week to show the progress of my new little plant. I will be sharing these with you in my Plant Series posts. Contain your excitement people....this is just the beginning :) Happy gardening!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Camping trip #1--sort of

Well, we finally did it. We went camping this weekend. Kinda... we hung out by a fire, and sat in camp chairs, and cooked food on a camp stove, but we were at Sherwood hills, and yes, we did stay in a room, and not our tent. A couple friends were taking their camp trailers up to Sherwood hills (where they work) to camp for the night. We werent completely sold on the idea of rounding up all of our camping stuff, so we werent gonna go. Then, we got offered a room, for free, and I was like were there! We had a lot of fun.
Just some really close friends went, and it was a blast! When Matt and I wanted to go to bed, we just walked down to the hotel and got in bed. So nice! But I cant wait to go camping again!

Shoe Sculpture

This is Matts carefully placed shoe tower. Instead of putting them away to vacuum, he just made a really tall tower, so it would take up as little floor space as possible. I thought it was hilarious! :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So on April 14, 2008 Matt and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. We had so much fun, and its flown by! I came home from work and he had written me a card, and bouth me a cactus. I really wanted a plant that we could get little, and watch it grow for years. I love it. He also had my favorite dinner to make when i got here. Salmon, zucinni, and shrimp. It was all soooo delicious. We had fun cooking together, and watched the Jazz game. We are not going to work this friday, so we can hang out and celebrate some more. I love him with all my heart, and am so glad to be with him still. Hes my B.E.F. :)

Matts Mad Skills

Helicopter Flying through smoke above Providence Canyon
Wood Duck Sitting on stream

Rainbow over Little Baldy

Just another Cache Valley morning...

Moon in clouds

Indian Paintbrush in White's Canyon
These are all Pictures that Matt has taken over the past 4 years. I love these the best, and think he definitely has mad skillz with a camera! I totally think he should sell prints of these! Id be down for sure!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well, in my last post I complained about how cold it is here, but boy let me tell you! Cache Valley is tropical right now compared to Jackson Hole! We went this weekend mostly to watch our loyal homie Nick Ropelato compete in the 2008 Jackson Hole World Championship Hill Climbs! He ran the first day and qualified in first out of about 25 people! I was really proud of him, as were all of our friends that were there to support him! Go Rope!

But anyway, we had a blast even though it was freezing cold! The wind blew like 25 mph and it snowed a lot! The food was great! We managed to eat at The Merry Piglets (a longtime fav of my fam). It was really fun. We took a couple rides to see herds of Elk. Thousands of Elk literally everywhere you look as far as you can see. They are still in their winter range, and it was a stunning sight! We were supposed to come home on sunday, but it was bad weather so we decided to wait and come on Monday. It was CRAZY! Matt and I both decided they were the worst roads we have ever rode on. It was snowing like mad, and blowing like 5 foot drifts on the road all the way through Hoback and Tincup. I was literally scared to death. But it turned out fine, and I have never been so excited to be in Soda Springs, Idaho in my life!
Even though it was kinda short, we had so much fun together and didnt want to come home for sure! Back to the grind, but I am noticing signs of spring so maybe things will get better.