Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cute little Riggles

Stole this pic from my SIL's blog. Matt and I bought this outfit for Rigdon as a goodbye present before they moved to Puyallup. He has got to be the cutest kid ever! I cant wait to have another nephew! Mikela is due on 10/5. The Dr. stripped her membrane yesterday, so hopefully it will be any day now! Yay!!!


Kamie said...

He is such a cutie! And I love the outfit. My cousin that I tend has that shirt and I have always loved it. You have good taste! I bet you are so excited to be an Aunt again! Yay for babies! :)

EmAndTrev said...

He is a DOLL!! I'm sure you miss him so much! Keep us posted on Mikela, too! She is so close!

The Dyer Family said...

I must agree with you that he is the cutest kid ever. Thanks for the cute outfit. He looks so handsome in it.