Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Me and Rigdon

My birthday was the other day (Im 26 now!!!) and my SupER AweSomE Husband Spoiled me rotten :)  he took me to sizzler--LOVE SIZZLER and No ANgEla--it does NOT remind me of SenIOr CitiZenS :) he also took the day off with me, to do nothing, bought me this CUTE coat (in the picture) and got me a PURPLE kokak Easy Share camera!  I SOOO love it!  and I took all of these pics with it :)  Anyway, it was a super fun day!

We went to lunch with my sis, my DAD and my BaBY BrO Oh yah, and KASH :)
I love to play with Kash, he is getting so big, and already has a favorite Aunt!! ;)
Dad and James chillin at Papa Kelsy and Henry's--MMMMMM!
Hes starting to smile.  This is right before he smiled...
Later on We partied HARD at my mom and dads house!   Here is rigdon checking out the new camera and saying CHEESE.  
Mmmm I love this little boy... We sure miss him and his parents :)
This is the CUTEST picture!  They were both laughing sooo hard.  Love it!
Okay so Rigdons bday isnt until the 17th, but Kristin and him flew back to Puyuallup yesterday so we celebrated on my bday (5th) it was SOOO much fun!  He got some really cool presents and loved all of them, and couldn't stop playing with them :)   Here we are showing off some of our loot!
Rig got quite a few crayola toys and they were SOOO fun to play with.
My mom gave him a Band in a drum.  He loved it!  and im sure his mom/apartment neighbors will love it too! :)
Here we are painting with the cute little brushes matt and me bought him
It was Such a FUN time and I cant wait to see them again!  We will miss you guys, but we'll be comin to visit as soon as Kristin has the baby!  


Jonny and Angela said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are awesome! Looks like you had fun with your fam- and sad to see Ridgdon go :(

Jalane said...

Happy late Birthday! Looks like you had a good day and got spoiled. You guys are so cute and I just think you are lucky to have Matt. He was always so kind in school and nice and you guys are so good together! HOw sweet is he for taking the day off and spoiling you :)

Brooke said...

Kash is the cutest baby i've ever seen! i want him... :)

Kamie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like you had a great time! And your coat is very cute!!

Marcy said...

Kash is so cute! I can't believe like 10 minutes away and still haven't come to see him.. I'm a terrible cousin. He has the biggest eyes ever... Tell Mikela and Kash hi for me k

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday babe!