Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lovin Fall!

We made cute drilled pumpkins but I was too dumb to figure out how to get a good pic without my flash on. So sorry you cant see the lights :) The bat is Matts and mine is the stripes.
Ive been making a few seasonal/holiday crafts for our house. I made this fall sign last week
I also made these pumpkins with my Mother in law and Matts Sisters at a Super Saturday thing at Jills church. It was fun to play with them while Matt was hunting :)
I made this cute sign today (i thought the saying was cute) after i saw it on this {blog } Theirs is way cuter, but i wanted one **right now** and didnt want to wait to find the vinyl letters :)
My puppy is so big. He seriously can walk so good, and for a long time on 2 legs. Its so funny
Me and my honey. I was so happy to have him home from hunting for most of the week. We had a very nice weekend! Soo not ready to go back to work :)


emandtrev said...

I love all your cute crafts! Thanks again for doing my pumpkins too! I love how they turned out.

It was so fun to see you guys yesterday. Thanks again for your help today! :)

Jessica said...

You two are way cute! What are your plans on Halloween? We'll probably be going out Friday and Sat night, cant wait to come down!

Stac and Chris said...

Love all your decorations...such a neat idea with the pumpkins too, I have never seen anything like that - they look awesome!

Tara said...

Love all your cute crafts:)

Kristin Dyer said...

Love the pumpkins. Don't you just love super Saturday? Looks like you all had a great Halloween. We missed seeing you on Skype with the kids in their costumes. You will have to check out the pics. Rig will make you smile:)