Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One AmAZinG Graduation Party--Fo Shaw!

Two of my BFF's from work--Lindsay and Angela. We went to Jonny (angela's hubb) graduation party in West Valley on Saturday. SOOO FUN! LOVE YOU TWO!--the event was black tie so here we are with our A game! woo woo
Logan girls with the Guest of Honor :)

What a fun weekend I had! we went to target--LOVE IT! Just makes me wonder why in the world Logan doesnt have a Target. Walmarts? They're everywhere. NO TARGET.


*aNdY* said...

Targets are pretty much the BEST thing around Megan..

Jessica said...

You girls look so cute. I wish I was there to hang out with you. Looks like a fun party and congratz to Jonny for graduating!

brooke said...

way cute pics! did angela move to west valley??
miss you!!

emandtrev said...

How fun! You look smokin, of course. :)

Love your shoes and second the fact that we so need a Target! Now would be good.

Anonymous said...
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