Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Decor and other random things

Sorry for everyone who wanted to see a prego pic...its probably not gonna happen anymore. Im big, and I look very pregnant and thats all you need to know :)

Here is Kash on the big horse at Petersens farm store. He was such a cutie and wanted to try out all of the saddles, then i put him up there and he just said "Cheese" he wanted me to take his picture soo bad :)
My MIL Julie, and my SIL's Jill, Jerilyn and Emily and I went down to the Womens Conference at the conference center in SLC. We had a good time!
Yesterday Matt and I made this little wall decoration for above Kale's crib. I made the an9imals out of felt and he made the wood and metal parts :) Turned out super cute I think!

This scary spider was eating a bee on a pumpkin on our front porch (should have taken a pic of the pumpkins cuz they are painted with our house numbers and they look SUPER CUTE)
I made this little "subway" art for the babys room too. I used wordle and it was actually like the easiest thing ever! Love it!!!