Friday, November 26, 2010


Born: November 20th 7:41 pm Logan Regional Hospital Logan, Utah
Weight: 7 lbs 10 oz
Length: 20 inches

This is right after his first at home bath. He hated both matt and I right about now!
Finally settled down after his bath. He is so precious!
Love getting a couple of pics of him without his o2. He had level 3 meconium, and as a result got an infection, and had to be in NICU for 3 days. We brought him home from the hospital with oxygen, but are just SUPER grateful that he is okay. There are sooo many sick sick babies in the NICU, he was about the healthiest of them all. It really made us realize how much we have to be grateful for. THere were little twin girls in there who each weighed less than 2 lbs. So sad. He looked HUGE compared to all of the other babies.

Papa is just smitten as a kitten by our little man. Of course all 4 grandparents are! I just thought this picture was way to cute not to share!
I know I kinda look like hell here, but I love my 2 baby boys! Scout has been SOOO good with Kale. He is super protective and goes in his room to check on him about every 10 mins, or whenever Kale makes even the tiniest peep. Soo cute!
Mama and Kale in our hospital room
We are now an official family with one human baby, and one fur baby. Matt is the proudest daddy ever, and melts my heart every time he holds or talks to Kale. I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!

One last pic of me right before we left our house to got to the hospital.
Here is the story (mostly so I don't forget any of it):
I got my membranes stripped on thurs the 18th. that night i had bad cramps and minor contractions all night. Went to work the next day, and lost my mucus plug. Decided to go home and rest about 11 am. at about 3 or 4 my contractions started up again, and by about 6 or 7 they were getting fairly bad, but I felt great. Went to DI and home depot with matt cuz I was dying to be up and walking around. Came home and made party snacks for matt and me. By about 10 that night I knew stuff was starting to get crazy. My contractions were super intense, but only like 20 mins apart. ALL NIGHT they kept getting harder and closer together. Matt slept while me and scout stayed up. Scoutie was soo concerned about me and would just lay his head on my lap until i had a contraction, then he would stand up and look at me and just snuggle up to my side and whimper. I woke matt up about 5:30 and told him they were almost 5 mins apart, so it was gonna only be a couple of hours before we should go to the hospital. He started getting really worried. I made him take a shower and relax. Finally about 7:30 I started trying to get ready and put on makeup. We got to the hospital about 8:15 and my contractions were only 3 mins apart. THe gave me a pain releiver through IV, and about 10 I got my epidural. THe nurse was super concerned that matt was gonna pass out while they were doing my epidural, but he did fantastic. After that it was a breeze. I couldn't feel any contractions, and we just chilled for most of the afternoon. I continued to dialate, but stalled out at about a 6, so at like 3 they gave me pitocin. I had dialated to a 10 by about 4, and pushed once or twice, and they could tell then that the baby had meconium. i got really scared and started crying. I started pushing at 5:30, and it took a little over 2 hours for me to get him crowned. once he was crowned, they put the vacuum on his head, and he came about 4 mins later. Matt got to cut the cord, but they had to take him right away and suck out his nose and mouth so the meconium didn't get any worse. We then got to hold him and love him for most of the night. At about 5 the next morning, they realized that his oxygen saturation was low because of an infection from the meconium, so they took him down to NICU. That was really sad and hard. I called my dad and had him come give him a blessing that morning. He is a little fighter, and his stats continued to improved with antibiotics, an IV and oxygen over the next 3 days. We brought him home tuesday morning.
We couldn't be happier, and its been about a week now, and Im starting to feel lots better. We just love him to death, and are soooo very thankful for him. We have had tons of help and support from fam and friends, and couldn't have done all of this with out them.


Johnsons said...

So glad to hear the story. So glad Kale's okay. What a sweet little boy. Sounds like it was a little rough. Glad it's all okay.

Marcy said...

congratulations! He is SO cute and I LOVE the guitar shirt!

Jalane said...

Meg, he is seriously DANG CUTE! Isnt it so awesome being a mom? Like no words can describe the love you feel for them! Im glad you are loving it. You two will be the best parents :)

Alyssa said...

So cute!

Jessica said...

You sound like one proud mama! I am so glad everything went good and you and little Kale are okay. Matt sounds like he couldn't be better. Congrats!

Chalmers Family said...

Congrats! You and Matt will be awesome parents. I am so excited that you have a little one, and honestly, he couldn't be any cuter!! Zach went to the NICU when we had him too, I remember how hard that was. We love you guys. Love, Kenna

emandtrev said...

You are the most beautiful family ever! I'm so glad Baby Kale is here. Love you guys!!

brooke said...

so so happy for you and that everything turned out well! love the name too! :)

Val said...

I'm so happy for you. And I'm glad you only had to spend 3 days in the NICU. You did have a huge and healthy baby. He's bigger than any of the babies that were in the NICU while we were there.

Trent and Amy said...

YAY he is here...SOOOOO CUTE I can't wait to meet him!!!