Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Well we had mothers day yesterday, and it was a really fun but busy day! We started out finding a check in the mail for me for a benefits package from my old work, EK Ekcessories for $331.00! We were both really excited, and immediately trying to decide what we should spend the unexpected money on. Of course I pick clothes and household items and matt picks fishing lures and a license along with Harry and the Hendersons on DVD!!! We are so easily exciteable. We fist went to my parents house to see my family and my sister, who was visiting from Salmon, ID. She is expecting her first baby! I am so excited. She'll find out what it is on thursday.

We have Rigdon, but he is the only one. So we'll be really stoked when Mikela has her baby. My sister-in-law, Kristin also announced that she is expecting also. Holy Cow, and Emily, Matts sister. I told Matt I can't take all of this pressure! No kids from us any time soon!!!! So save yourselves the trouble of asking. :) It was really fun to see all of my family together!

After my parents house, we went to the Rowberry's. Their family is much bigger than my family, but its so fun with all of the grandkids running around. We had a big dinner with salads, and hamburgers and hot dogs, cooked on the grill. It was so fun! Matt and I are the only ones without kids now, except our little brothers, Chris and James. However, my mom, and Matts mom both gave me mothers day presents! I told Matt if I dont have to have kids to get presents on mothers day, then we probly dont need to have any kids. Im fine just getting the cool gifts :) Haha just teasing Mom and Dad. One day...


EmAndTrev said...

Fun! I love family holidays. I'm excited to hear what Mikela is having. Don't worry about us pressuring you--Trevor and I were five years into our marriage before we had Estella and that was about perfect for us. That picture with Kaitlyn in it totally makes me laugh!!