Monday, May 5, 2008

Plant Series: Part 2

Here is my plant exactly on week later. Now it has 4 sprouts, and 3 of them have 2 leaves. Still very proud :) On a sad note...I'm feeling pretty sick today, so I stayed home from work. Well my Landlord came to bring the lawn mover for the summer, and I guess he thought he'd be nice and mow the lawn for Matt. Well, he finished, and I had forgotten to tell him not to mow over my newly planted (like, on saturday...) tomato plants, and squash, because we hadn't found a little fence, or wall thing to put around my make-shift garden yet--it was my plan to do it after work... Well, I went outside, and the landlord said "Megan, I owe you an apology...." I knew right away what had happened. He mowed over my plants! :( I did have Matt screw in some flower boxes on my deck railing, and planted 2 of the sun sugar tomatoes in those, but still! I guess Ill need to get some more veggie plants!