Wednesday, June 11, 2008

News, news, more news, and Rigdon :)

It has been a while since I posted. I know im a slacker, but a lot has been going on lately. Where to begin?? Mikela found out that she is having a baby boy. That really made me happy! There is just something about little boys that I love and hope we have many more in our family. Its probably because Rigdon is a boy, and i want all babies to come to our family as loveable as he is.
Emily, Matts sister, also found out that she is expecting a girl! She already has little estella, so they will be best friends im sure!
We are really excited about all of this, and cant wait to find out what Kristin is having. Which brings me to other news. Trever, my brother, has almost for certain decided to take a job with Sealy (mattresses) in Seattle! This means, Kristin and Rigdon are going too. I am excited for the changes, and progress in their family, but I cant even tell you how much I will miss my little buddy, and not even get to see the new baby very often at all.
My family does a lot of stuff together, and it will be hard to adjust without them or my sister around. I have been gathering up baby items that are too cute not to buy, for my sis, and I cant wait to give them all to her, and meet the little man. She is hopefully coming to visit for fathers day! That would make my year. Lately I have just been missing her more than ever! I love you Goob!

Matt has also been looking at switching Career Paths. He has had an offer to work for a custom gun maker here in Cache Valley. He would start at part time, and after 6 months or so we would be moving to Trinidad, Colorado for him to go to gunsmithing school. Dont worry dad, we'll represent :) We are really excited for what the future holds! Glad I have someone like Matt to keep me on the right track. He is the best husband, and I couldn't be happier!


Angie & Jonny said...

Love the pictures! That Rigdon is soo cute. Sorry your bro might be moving, that stinks! Now you don't go and move on me now either though. But that gun job sounds exciting and a great opportunity!