Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not long enough weekend

Well I know I havent posted for a while (sorry ang). My camera was dead forever, and I didnt remember to charge it, but I finally have new pics of the 4th of July weekend. On thursday night we watched the fireworks from our friends house--they just had a new baby and she is beutiful! it was a lot of fun. Friday we slept in which was totally cool, then we went camping agian, up to Franklin Basin.
Matt and I in our camping spot
This time we went to a different spot about 10 miles from the highway turnoff, all the way up into Idaho.
Franklin Basin road, right after entering Idaho
Matt durning Croquet
Its a really pretty spot wide open with trees all around the outside, so we played frisbee (glow in the dark frisbee) and velcro ball, and croquet. It was so much fun. My best friend Jamie, and her boyfriend Dustin, and Jamies brother Tyler and his wife Kristy, and 2 more friends stayed the first night.
Our camp spot is in those trees
Matt looking for deer
Matt and I spent a long time down by the road looking for elk and deer and playing velcro ball. Later in the night we made some pretty dank tinners (tin foil dinners)...Mmmmm! In the morning, Matt and I left and drove further up into Idaho, over to Egan Basin and saw a couple deer, and lots of snow!
In Egan Basin
The snow drift in this picture was just one of many we drove over, or by. We went to the cabin at Bear Lake Saturday morning, and had the best time playing in the lake. The water was so nice! My parents came over with my bro Trev and Kristin and Rigdon. We had lunch and headed down to the lake. It was a blast. By Sunday morning, I was worn out, and tired, so we came home. It was such a fun weekend, and I definitely didnt want it to end. We are super stoked for our trip to Colorado for the 24th in about a week! Matt has never been to Colorado, and we are driving by ourselves, leaving the 19th and meeting my parents and James in Sanford on the 22nd. We are gonna catch a Rockies game, and see as much as we can in 9 days! I cant wait :)


Angela & Jonny said...

Fun camping! I can't believe there is still snow- crazy. So sad that your family is moving away. Can't wait till you go to CO, you are going to have a blast while I sit here lonely all day! :(

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous area! It looks like a blast!

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

That looks like so much fun! Great pictures, Meg!

EmAndTrev said...

How fun! Great pictures! We should play more games at Bear Lake and on the beach. That would be fun. It was fun to see you guys for a second on Hollow Road on Friday! :)

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

That's hilarious about your dream, Meg! Did we win?? We must have been blowin' past everyone! :)
Have a great day!