Tuesday, December 30, 2008


So I hardly took any pics of the whole Christmas celebration! I suck, i guess :) But there are a few to share.
Here is Matt First thing Christmas morning
Yummy stocking candy! Mmmmm we love Lindt chocolates!!
Bro in laws Jeff and Chris chillaxin after a HUGE christmas breakfast

Matt and I waiting for neices and nephews to open their presents (I cut my hair!)

Cant see the back (where it is a lot shorter)
I look pretty content listening to Chris's b.s. ;) TEASIN!
Baby Danielle is SOOOO sweet!

Those are all of the pics I had! We had the best Christmas ever, and wish everyone much happiness!


*~*kamie*~* said...

Don't worry, I don't think I actually took one picture on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Such a slacker I am!

I totally LOVE your hair! It is so cute!!!! I need a haircut! ;)

I LOVE Lindt Chocolates. Maybe a little too much. Oops.

Looks like you had a good Christmas!!

You are so cute!! I love those pics of you!

Have a great New Year!

Brooke said...

LOVE your haircut!

EmAndTrev said...

Still loving your haircut! :) Christmas was so fun. I think I need to talk my dad into more breakfast. Haha!

Rebecca said...

The hair is too cute!

Jalane said...

You are so cute and funny I love reading your blog! I LOVE your hair, it is dang cute:)!!!