Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cosmic Bowl-a-rama

Just so the OTHER Dyers know what they are missing out on living in WA....I thought I would post pics of the annual New Years Bowl-a-thon at the local FUN PARK. WOO HOO!! Matt won the first game and I won the second (with a score of 102.....ya, we are NOT that good)
Waiting for everyone else to get there so the games could begin
A very common sight (my parents googling over a Kash)
The winners circle :)

Matt gettin a strike im sure

Dads action shot. Him and Matt got pretty into it!

Kash and Grama
I just love this pic of my mom. What a hippie :)

A rare pic of Kayla holding her own baby. Yes, he bowled :)
It was sooo much fun, and the pizza at the FUN PARK is delish, in case anyone in logan wanted to know :) We missed James, Trever Kristin, Rigdon and Madelynn! I love my family!


Jonny and Angela said...

Looks fun! And 102- that's a kick ass score for me, so don't feel too bad :)

Brooke said...

how fun! that's the best family tradition ever!!

EmAndTrev said...

How fun! I sometimes forget about bowling--we should go sometime! I ran into your mom, sis, and Kash at Kohl's. He is a little cutie!!

sataylor said...

Looks like fun. Tell all your family hello! Cute babies!!!!

The Dyer Family said...

We missed being there!!! I hope you bowled a perfect score for me. I am going to try to make a post just for you tonight. Did Kayla cut her hair? It looks like it! It is darn cute. We need to see you guys on skype again. We love you!