Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years and Danielles blessing

New Years was really fun. Matt and I are getting old though I think. We were home by 11:30. We did stay up til about 2 but we were just wanting to be home alone. Good times!
Sunday was Danielles blessing, and family dinner. Here is little Danielle all dressed up for the big event. (stole this from Em's blog). Her blessing was really nice, and so was the HUGE dinner after! I think I was more full than thanksgiving! It was a really nice time for everyone!

Matt took this pic from our back deck. This is the real color of the sky. HOW PRETTY! I love Utah!
Did some more craftin of course. The striped fabric was another find at somebodys attic, and I made these pillows with a hot glue gun! GASP! Works for me :)
More super awesome stuff I got for all less than $5!

My fave--a way old fully working Fondue pot! Ohhh the creations we are gonna make!


Brooke said...

you need to teach me how to bargain shop (or just come to somebody's attic with me :))!

Jalane said...

Your so funny making your pillows with a hot glue gun! Works for me too!! You are the queen of finding good deals i think :) You go girl! I will see you at the wedding-hopefully it goes good?!

*aNdY* said...

I think we should be friends!! You and me could find miraculous deals together!!!Love ya!