Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catch up

So weve been pretty busy lately. Doin tons of fun stuff with fam and friends. Heres a brief recap...
We went to the Rowberrys for Easter (my parents were in Denver) and had a huge yummy dinner and an easter egg hunt. Fun times! Here are most of the grandkids showing off their baskets.

Cute Cook Fam

Jerilyn and Julie
Jill and Kaitlyn



Made a cute little craft project to hang above the bed. Super easy---even though it looks like i need to straigten the pics...not hanging right :)

Kalai concert on the 9th...he is an awesome singer/songwriter HOWEVER...He talked for about 20 mins in between songs...LAME and he was making up weird stories. I love his music but...

Matt and I listening to the music


emandtrev said...

I love that picture of you two! Easter was so fun. Do you guys want to go to El Toro sometime this week or next?

Jalane said...

Love all the pictures. You guys are seriously the best pair in the world! And Happy late Anniversary!!

Johnsons said...

How fun. I am so glad that we had nice weather...for a minute or two. Oh, and I love Jenna.