Monday, August 17, 2009

random things

First off, Today (im not working--YAY!) I made this cute ruffley shirt from an old long sleeved one I had. Love it! Used this tutorial (tons of great ideas)
The other day my sweet Husbie made me a delicious, and cute snack ;) Love him!!!!
I made this cute flag out of a window--YES I still have windows that arent crafted--im running out of ideas! I love this though!
THis is typical for scout on a day that me or matt is home (so it must be what he does when we arent home) Lazy bones!


The Dyer Family said...

Love the Flag!!! Can I just say that I love our window weekly organizer. We use it every week. Even Trever said that he likes it. Impressive. Fun new shirt too. I am jealous that you even have time to make things like that. I wish I could have you come over and watch the kids, while I crafted!!!:) IN MY DREAMS:)

brooke said...

yay for having the day off work!!

that shirt is super cute and so is the flag! good job crafty!!

Jonny and Angela said...

you suck- you were suppose to be at work to keep me company. But cute shirt! Cut flag! and love Scout!

emandtrev said...

You are so talented! Have I ever asked you if you've considered selling your stuff on etsy (or similar)?

I hope you're feeling better! We missed you on Sunday! :)