Saturday, August 1, 2009

Favorite Saturday Morning Activity!

Yup Another day of fun yard saling. Went with my sis, and my cute Cuzin Lexi. We didnt find a TON of stuff, but it was still fun.
Love the details on this pretty silver dish. It is stamped and numbered on the bottom, so I think ill prolly take it to antiques roadshow next time the come around. It will probably be worth so much I can retire early! ;)

Cute dressy shorts for work brand new 1.00. Everything else here was .50. Cute stuff :)
These brown baskets were $1. the white baskets for our computer/craft/scouts room $1 for 8 Silver bowl $1 and picture frame .10! Thats already been spray painted black :) way cuter now. My S.I.L. Kristin went yard saling today in Puyuallup, WA where she lives and got some major scores too! Its just so much fun treasure hunting :)


Stac and Chris said...

Looks like you got some great deals. Wouldn't you love to strike it rich on the antique roadshow? I know I would. :)

emandtrev said...

Yay! I'll be waiting to hear news of your windfall as part of the Antiques Roadshow. :)

Those brownies look so, so good. I think I too would be a brownie destroyer if I had those in my sights!

The Dyer Family said...

Thanks for talking smack about my background. I know that I am early for fall, but I wanted something that would last for a while so I wouldn't have to change it. Cute new background on yours!!! Where did you get it? Was it free? I have noticed that you haven't posted lately. What's up? I wanted to see your good finds for the week. (garage sales) Let me know~