Saturday, September 5, 2009

Been Slackin

I just got done making these way cute Pumpkins. I got the tutorial HERE and as soon as I saw them (this morning) I was heading to Joanns for cute Fall-ish fabric! They were way easy!
just a cute pic of scout while I was sewing. That ball thing is a favorite of his. I got it at a yardsale for .10 :)
Couple weeks ago we had a cute fun baby shower for Marlene (the cute pregger girl in the yellow dress). Shes one of my best friends, and I cant wait to meet her little girl!
Ash me and Jamie at the shower. FUn GIRLS!
THanks to Heather (middle) for hosting the shower at her brand new cute house! We had so much fun!


Stac and Chris said...

Love your pumpkins, they are too cute!!

The Dyer Family said...

Looks like fun. Way to go on the pumpkins:) They are fun, maybe I will have to make some too!

Alyssa said...

Those pumpkins are so cute!

emandtrev said...

Love your cute crafting, Meg! We miss you--want to go get some Mexican food soon? :)

Rebecca said...

Ok hun. You MUST make me some of those precious pumpkins! We need to get together sometime! :)