Monday, March 3, 2008

Almost Famous

If anyone was wondering why my post is called almost famous its because Matt, and I and a few select friends totally hung out with Chris Cooley this weekend!

I know there are probably some skeptics thinking ya right. But I swear it is the truth! Here is the story...Friday 2-29-08 a bunch of our friends were out at a local eatery having a great time watching the Jazz game, all of the sudden we couldn't find Cody, so as we are looking around for him, we see that he is chatting it up with who? Chris Cooley. He plays for the Washington Redskins, and is a Utah State Alumni and former Aggie football player. You might also recognize him for being in the Pro-Bowl 2008!!! Pretty much the most famous person from Cache Valley! We totally talked to him and hung out with him all night. Matt told him how much he loved the packers but always cheers for the home crowd, so we are definitely fans! (claims in this post may not be entirely accurate we totally saw him and were definitely star struck!)


Our Crazy Life said...

That is so awesome! You will learn to always have your camera in your purse the more you start blogging. Do you wanna come over this Sunday?? I'll talk to Jonny :)