Friday, March 7, 2008

The Uganda Project

in Dec 2007, my brother James went to Uganda as part of a Humanitarian Effort and a group called Engineers Without Borders. They helped build schools and had many projects lined up to help out. They also had a blog as a travel log of sorts. They did alot of fun things, but it was a lot of hard work! After they were done with all of the hard work, they got to go on a Safari, and Bungee Jumping on the Nile. The video is on you tube. He had a great time, and really wants to go back! He brought Matt and I an African painting that is on bark instead of canvas. It is really cool. We have it hanging in our dining room.
While he was gone we missed him a lot! He sent a few emails but I think internet service was pretty sketchy in Uganda, so it was hard for them to get to computers often. Mom and Dad bought him a camera and some safari clothes for Christmas, since he left the beginning of Dec and didn't come back until the beginning of Jan. They wrote him a cute letter and gave him a card that sang a Christmas song for him to open on the 25th. It was really sad to not have him there on Christmas. Im so glad he had so much fun, and got to do it! Youre soo cool James!!! :)


~Jake and Brianna~ said...

That looks so amazing! Your family sounds pretty incredible, Meg!