Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring hasnt sprung...yet :(

So, Im sure everyone is complaining about how spring hasn't come around the corner yet. But seriously, I'm sick of winter. Things look really blah right now, everything is covered with dirty snow or dead grass and leaves. But I know its coming sometime least I hope! I just thought I would update you on the happenings as of late.

Matt and I bought a new vacuum! It is the best vacuum and im totally grossed out to see how much our old one wasn't working! I have pics, and will post them later, you'll see!

We also bought a computer! I know Angela, its about time. (it isn't even a new computer, we bought it used from my bro T-rev) But we love it like we would a brand new one. It was a painstaking process to pick an internet provider (at least one that we could afford :) ) We also got some new furniture and rearranged like every room in our house. We feel like we are making advances in life, getting a vacuum and computer! My friend Angela had a blog post about feeling accomplished, and thats how this weekend was for me! Our house looks great because of all of the deep cleaning I do when we move furniture. Too bad it wont stay that clean for long!

Yesterday, Matt and I got to babysit Rigdon, and man was it fun! I know I tell everyone that I want to steal him from Trever and Kristin, but sometimes I just wish he was mine :) I gave him a bath because he was really tired and pretty pouty. I knew it would cheer him up, at least for a little while. Boy was I right! He kept putting his hands by his head and pretending to lay down in a sleeping position, and I would say "night night Rigdon" and then he would look at me with one eye open and I would say "good morning!", and he would sit up and just laugh and splash the water all over. We probably did that little routine 30 times. He was just having the time of his life! And I guess I was too! Matt just thought we were crazy. He is such a cutie! I love you Big Rig :) Were lucky to have him so close.


Our Crazy Life said...

Such a cute baby!!! And I love the tub story! I am super excited about your computer... and your new vacuum!!! YA!

~Jake and Brianna~ said...

Your nephew is so CUTE! Good thing your brother had a darling child to make you have the desire sometime to create one of your own . . . imagine how cute it will be! You . . . Matt . . . very cute. :)

EmAndTrev said...

Man, he is a CUTIE!! I can't wait to see you guys this weekend. Time for some fun and NO work (I'll stop complaining soon, I swear). :) And yay for new computers and vacuums. Isn't it funny how home appliances/electronics can make you so happy?!