Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bored of Blogging...

So lately I have just been really not in the mood to post.  Dont worry, Ive still been stalking other peoples blogs.  Anyway, not much exciting stuff has been going on lately.  Last week Matt took me on a date to MADDOX! 
 I love that place!!!  It was so fun to drive over there, we just laughed the whole time.  i had so much fun, I told him to ask me out on dates more often.  So last night he asked me if I wanted to go on a date in our living room :)  what a nerd!  But it was really fun, and we laughed a whole lot more.  He ordered a pizza (Not pepperoni...) 
and we rented What Happens in Vegas.  It was a pretty cute movie.  Anyway...Thanks for the dates, lover.  I feel cool when you ask me out! 
I have been doing a few crafts lately... :)  Cuz I love them.  Ill post pics later.


Jonny and Angela said...

That is so cute- date at home :)
Quit being bored of blogging and get with it! Love ya