Friday, October 31, 2008

Taggity doo dah

Brooke Tagged me!  i am me.

i am: Super excited that its HaLLOweEn!
i think: my 2 nephews are the cutest boys in the world
i am happy:  most of the time
i have: no children
i miss: my sister even though i see her ALL THE TIME!
i fear: dying
i feel: Happy!
i smell: coconut lime verbena I just put on
i usually: cry every week durning Extreme Makeover Home Edition (dont judge me)
i search: for lost things daily
i wonder: what my birthday will be like (5 days!-Yippee)
i regret:  MANY stupid decisions!
i love:  Matt and both of our families
i care: about my friends
i tell:  Matt EVERYTHING!
i worry: about having children
i am not: bashful
i remember:  when i had no worries at ALL!
i believe: in Karma
i dance:  almost everyday
i sing: multiple times everyday
i don’t always: use my blinker
i don’t like:  rude people
i write: reminders on post its constantly
i win: at darts
i lose:  rarely ;)
i wish: I would just win the lottery allready!
i never: wear pajamas to bed
i listen: to Jack Johnson more than anything else.
i don't understand: why we have such poor choices for President
i can usually be found: with Matt
i am scared: of having a baby
i need: sombody to Love me (me and Freddy Mercury)
i forget: so much stuff its ridiculous
i am happy: that today is such a fun day!


Rebecca said...

Very cute! Don't worry, everyone cries when they watch EMHE on Sundays!