Thursday, October 2, 2008


Eight TV Shows I Love to Watch

1: Prison Break
2: Most things on HGTV
3: College footbal
4: The Hills
5: weeds
6: My name is Earl
7: The Office
8: Dateline

8 Things That Happenend Yesterday

1: worked
2: Ate at Firehouse!  YUMMMY
3: called t-mobile
4: Hung out with some friends
5: Hung out with our Bro-in law
6: Did laundry
7: Did dishes
8: Ate dinner with Matt

8 Favorite Places to Eat
(Not in any particular order)
1: My house
2: Mom's house
3: Angies
4: Firehouse
5: El Toro Viejo
6: Formosa
7: Taco Time
8: Jim and Julies house

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1: SCI show in Reno
2: visiting Puyallup in Jan/feb
3: Seeing Kash again
4: Seeing Emily's new baby
5: Getting a raise
6: Scentsy Party tonight
7: Matt quitting his construction job
8: Kristin and Rigdon visiting in 3 weeks :)

8 Things on My Wish List

1: Sewing Machine
2: new TV
3: new car
4: breakfast
5: mikela to never move away again
6: Red bull
7: Honey roasted cashews--im hungry
8: New puppy

8 People I Tag

I will not torture any of you like that.  Do it at your own will :)


*aNdY* said...

Darn, if you are getting old that must mean I am getting old TOO>. ARGGG... We are 1/2 way to 50.. ha ha funny... Tell Mykala to make a blogitty blog blog now she has something to POST about.. Tell her ConGraTs too.. yay.. Love ya miss ya.. BUBYE