Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brand new life

Well Trever and Kristin came to visit this last week with my super cute and fun Nephew and Neice. It was the first time Matt and i got to meet Madelynn and BOY HOWDY! Shes adorable! She is so chill. I just love her. Trever went home yesterday to work...wah wah but Kris and the kiddos are here til SATURDAY. Madelynn was blessed on sunday and she looked soooo PreTTy! Ill have to post pics when my sis sends me some...I forgot the Cam. Here is silly Rigdon wearing Papas glasses. He is just the apple of my parents eye, and it was a treat to spend time with their family! DANG I miss them sooooo much!

Sweet little Maddy J Bird (a name i made up for her on day 1...it stuck too:) )
James holding the precious baby--hes soo handsome ;)
Kayla and Kash. He is so big and probably my favorite little guy in the whole world!
T & K gettin crazy during the T shirt game. They are so much fun!

So lately it just seems like we have had the best luck! I dont know if we just made Karma happy and shes payin us back or what, but we have a new awesome house, a new puppy (who is the cutest and almost potty trained completely) and this weekend we bought a new TV-FINALLY with a tv stand. I love it. I feel like everything is new :) i know, im a dork.
Oh YA---Yesterday we got a new car :) we bought it from my Parents and I love it!


Jonny and Angela said...

Goodbye Cavalier- HELLO SONATA! Love your new car that you FINALLY got! And your fam is so cute! :)

taram said...

Cool car lady

Jalane said...

Nice car! Nice T.V. Nice new house! Damn cute new dog! Freak you are having good karma! Good for you guys :)

emandtrev said...

You guys deserve all that and more! :) Love all the pictures too!