Friday, March 13, 2009

Dressed in White

Okay People, this is the cutest picture of the cutest nephew ever. Love how his hands are in his pockets!!! Rig I love you buddy!

We also had Family pics done while Trev and Kristin were visiting last week. {Michael Tuttle }did them. He has some really good pics.
Awwwww sweet.

The whole fam damily minus scout--who was misbehaving ;)

These pics are pre-edit and i still think they are pretty dang cute! Love it. Love my fam!!!


Brooke said...

cute pics and cute fam!!! that one of your nephew is freakin adorable!

Johnsons said...

Cuteness. I think we should try to get all of "the 5" together for dinner...huh?

The Dyer Family said...

I would have to agree that your nephew is freakin adorable. I love that picture.