Monday, March 16, 2009

Room Redo and Happy Bday Jim!

Happy Birthday to my Awesome Father in law! We had the usual delicious texas chocolate cake. He even bought Lemon Custard ice cream for all of us girls who **HeArT** Lemon Custard from Aggie Ice Cream! Thanks Jim. You are the best!
Did some more home-improvement over the weekend. Real Deals--a awesome store in Logan has the CUTEST and cheapest home decor! I love it! Too bad they are only open thursday and saturday for like 6 hours. Got this star for the front of the house for $8!
Matt made me 2 bedside tables out of an old dining room table that was on our back deck. I left the legs, but painted the top blue to match our new bedding. I love the way they turned out. Too bad i can barely reach the table from bed. Well have to adjust. :) On another note--I was looking at this pic noticing how UGLY our blinds are. I made some really cute (i hope) curtains from leftover fabric, paint, and an old sheet....I know. Sounds Scary! we havent hung them yet, so when we do ill post and you can decide. (Also, nevermind the boxes and cables you can see...we arent quite finished....... :)

I made little valances from the ends of the WAAAYYYYY too big pillowcases that came with our new bedding. They were done in less than 5 min, and i think they will look cute...and ecclectic with the curtains i made. I also have to finish the stickered faux headboard im creating...they match perfect, and they came from Dollar Tree ;)


I just love making our house cuter. I have been a decorating/craft addict lately. Hopefully matt can bear with me. He dropped the one of the bedside tables on his toe, and it is totally black and swollen. Ooops! Thanks honey :)


Stac and Chris said...

Love the decorating!!! Isn't it so fun decorating your new place? What store in Logan have you been getting all your good deals for home decor?

emandtrev said...

I love all the cute/fun things you do with your house. You are so talented! That star is super cute. I love Real Deals! The party was fun, too. Can't go wrong with chocolate cake and lemon custard!

The Dyer Family said...

I love that store. I was so sad that they are only open like two days a week. They do have another store though. It is just down from Smith and Edwards and I think that they are open every day. You should check it out. P.S. Thanks for the cake email. I loved it. It was a ton of fun to look at. I think I am going to try and make some just for fun this year. I will let you know! Fun decorating. Have a good one!

taram said...

I love it. Can't wait to see it person.