Monday, May 4, 2009

I **heart** yard sales!

Just a few of the fabulous finds ive score recently at some awesome yardsales!  me and matt just love going to them on saturday.  Driving around early in the morning just laughing and being silly.  SOOO fun!  Even though the last 2 weekends it has POURED rain (or snowed) we still have Tons-O-fun :)
whole set of dishes (stonewear) $5
and this table...toped with a slab o marble and made of solid white oak.....$5!  Love it! but it still is getting painted...
and my little puppy is getting so big!  we just love having him in our house.  Cutie pie.


The Dyer Family said...

I wish that you were living up here to go garage selling with me. There are a ton up here posted every weekend. I still can't convince Trever to go with me. What a punk!!! I do still love him though. I am glad that you are finding such great bargains.

Jessica said...

Cool stuff! Sounds like something fun to do...I wonder if I could ever get Shane up that early to go?

meg said...

Hey! Here's the address of my fav that you asked for. It's at 730 S Main. During the summer, on the first Saturday of the month, they have huge yard sales back behind the antique shop. It's awesome!

emandtrev said...

You have scored some great stuff! I love Scout. So cute. What did you use for your blog header (with your pictures)? I love it!