Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Computer :)

So we finally broke down and bought a new computer!  I love it already.  We used some of my car money to have one built for us.  My co-worker Chase has a computer building and repair business.  If you live in logan give him a SHOUT OUT--hes the cheapest repair in town.  He did an awesome job on building ours, and has VERY VERY reasonable prices :) I guess in a few weeks we'll get a new monitor too, but for now this is just great.  We had a fun night last night.  Our good friends Richie and Brody came over for dinner.  Richie works with me, and yesterday got a promotion, so I cooked dinner for all of us.  It was Yummy :)  We love having them over.  Thanks guys!  Another good buddy of mine, Skyler (a friend i made about 5 years ago at EK Ekcessories...oh the memories ;) )came over to visit.  He is sucha funny kid.  I just love him! It was a good night, and we cant wait to get our internet hooked up (tomorrow) I told Matt it was silly, but I didnt know what to do on the computer without the internet :)  Fun times, and good friends!


Jalane said...

Thats awesome I will have to keep your friend in mind. Skyler is the funniest nicest coolest kids you'll ever meet! I love him too.

Ryan and Alisha said...

I love new things! A guy from Idaho built us one, and we got it for a great deal, so I'm all about buying one from someone like that! Are you going to lunch on Monday (for Marlene)?

The Dyer Family said...

I can't believe you cached in the old computer. Your new one looks nice. I am glad you guys had a great mothers Day. Thanks for the text. We missed chatting with you two on Sunday at your Mom and Dad's. Love ya!