Wednesday, May 27, 2009

death sickness sux

So Memorial weekend was supposed to be full of fun and adventure...supposed to means it wasnt.  I got sick starting friday, and by sat evening I was bed ridden until tuesday.  Talk about sad.  Poor Matt had to keep scout entertained and play nurse/cook/housemaid for me :) he did awesome.  He came home from work last night sick though, and stayed home today.  Sorry Honey.  Well in the days of boredom, I did do a few things to try and entertain myself.  

This sign is made from left over wood from my bedside table project. 
It sits on the molding above the living room/kitchen door.  Cute, I think.  
This for the bookshelf by the front door
I made a fabric covered memo board from an old picture frame. and a little wipe board from a small frame and scrapbook paper.  I made 2 of these actually.
here is the redone computer station  Covered a magnetic caddy with paper and modge podge and covered some magazine boxes with cute paper.  I love it.

Matt has been taking way good care of the lawn and flowers.  I will have to put up some pics of our beer hops.  They grow no less than a foot a day.  They are getting to be really pretty and the water lillies are going to be blooming soon.  I love our new place.  


Johnsons said...

Sorry you were sick. I hate that. You need to call me. I ran into someone you might be interested in hearing about. Maybe not. We need to go out again.

Stac and Chris said...

I love all the things you made...they are so cute! Sorry, to hear you were sick, we had bad weather all weekend here so also had a bum Memorial day!

emandtrev said...

I'm so sorry you were sick! I finally feel like I'm back to 100% myself. ICK!! I hope both of you are feeling better.

I love the new decorations. I'm still serious about you doing some stuff for me! If you want to, that is. :)