Thursday, June 18, 2009

the cutest table

I just instantly loved this table. It was $6 at my favorite Somebodys Attic. The top used to be brown. I {heart} spray paint! :)
Also got the Shelf and the USA hangings there. Frame and candle lantern came from yardsales. Chair came from Matts cabin.
THe black shelf and yellow fabric (toille...sp?) are thrift store finds as well. Gotta love it
This is how scout loves to sleep/relax. All sprawled out! Just like papa
He also plays soccer and loves to play "one man tug o war" with his retractable leash. Geez what a goof :)


emandtrev said...

That last picture of Scout with the description totally made me laugh! I would love, love the cupboard door! Sign me up and let me know what I owe you for supplies and your time. Yippee!! So excited...

I love your new blog template. And your new crafty finds/projects too!

Am I chatty today or what?! I hope we get to see you guys tomorrow. Love ya!