Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day... & Birthday Trev!

Today is Trevs 28th birthday! What an old dude :) Hes a good bro, and an amazing dad. Love you lots Fwavo.
Went to both families for Fathers day today. We ate lots and laughed lots! Jenna snatched my camera at the ROwberrys and got some really cute shots of the kiddos...heres Estella with the cutest pose ever ;)
Small mishap with she got a sink bath. She is such a sweet girl!! This pic is just too cute :)
Jenna and kaitlyn being silly! They are pretty good at that!
Awww! this is such a cute picture!
Crazy Kaitlyn and connor!
Ok Trev--- Here is the rose bush in front
front of the house--rose bush is just to the right side of me here...
Here is the pretty tree and bird feeder by the back door. Its kind of like hollow underneath the tree...perfect place for a bench, except now the feeder is there wed probably get pooped on!
this is standing on the driveway looking at the back yard we park just to the left of me...
Back deck and beer hops...
whole back yard (almost)
I made a sign for our house...kindof like the one i made for our moms on mothers day. Im not all the way done (still gotta distress it) but i love the black and yellow.
it says happiness, delight, always and Rowberry 2007. Sorry, bad pic


Jonny and Angela said...

Cute kids!! And cute sign! Love it, I love your house too! I am just full of love. LOL.

Brooke said...

how in the world did you make that sign?! it's awesome! so much talent, megan :)

tkr said...

Meg, thanks for the shout out on my B-day. I love you sis. The house is off the charts. I love the uhmm creative horticulture. They are tall. You will have to come visit and drive through Yakima, WA. They are everywhere.

Thanks again for the B=day well wishing.

Love Trever