Sunday, June 7, 2009

Relay for life and Camping

Ok so my awesome aunt Kim (a multiple cancer survivor) has been really invovled with the Realy for Life project in Bear Lake (where she lives) and is actually planning and organizing the Relay for LIfe in Montpelier at Bear Lake high.  Well at the end of this month she has helped organize a fundraiser and wanted different members of her Relay team (which includes me and my fam) to make things to sell at her fundraiser.  I went garage sale-ing yesterday (and ran into my sis in law from seattle--Holla!) and found some really cool things i thought I could "make" something out of and then sell them for (hopefully) a profit.  Phew!  Long story I guess... anyway here are somethings I did yesterday.  SOme of them may be staying at my house... :) 

 I think i want to outline the letters on this post, and sand the sides.  COmments welcome.  I want it to be cute so i can make more money for the sale. hehe
I put some herbs in this old bread tin box and i thnk its way cute.  It was painted 1995 forest green before and had a bunch of Kitchy decorations to put on top...someof which are being remodeled as well...... :)
We also went camping yesterday up at High Creek in Cove.  SOOOOOOO pretty right now.  Scouts first camp out and he Luvved it fo sho.  Do you like his crazy evil eyes?  Red eye remover wont do a thing for it :)
Me and scout snugglin in the tent
Matt took some totally cool pics at night of the river.  Hes got talent!
Me and my bff Jamie chillin by the fire.  Love Her!!!

So far the weekend has been so fun, other than we woke up to pouring rain and packed up the truck at 7 a.m.  Yup ya heard me 7.  Barf!  (actually thats what scout did on the way up...poor baby gets car sick.  ya hes our baby)


Jalane said...

I love that you make all your little fun crafts, they are always so fun and cute! I love Jamie and miss talking with her, tell her hi! I want your dog too. I want to kiss him and squish him!!

emandtrev said...

I miss you guys! I feel like I've fallen off the face of the planet! Let me know when you start selling stuff for the fundraiser. Your camping trip looks like so much fun! We may take Estella fishing on Friday. She asked the other day when she can go fishing, so if the weather cooperates we're going to try for that day!

Rebecca said...

Man, I love your crafties!