Friday, October 31, 2008

Taggity doo dah

Brooke Tagged me!  i am me.

i am: Super excited that its HaLLOweEn!
i think: my 2 nephews are the cutest boys in the world
i am happy:  most of the time
i have: no children
i miss: my sister even though i see her ALL THE TIME!
i fear: dying
i feel: Happy!
i smell: coconut lime verbena I just put on
i usually: cry every week durning Extreme Makeover Home Edition (dont judge me)
i search: for lost things daily
i wonder: what my birthday will be like (5 days!-Yippee)
i regret:  MANY stupid decisions!
i love:  Matt and both of our families
i care: about my friends
i tell:  Matt EVERYTHING!
i worry: about having children
i am not: bashful
i remember:  when i had no worries at ALL!
i believe: in Karma
i dance:  almost everyday
i sing: multiple times everyday
i don’t always: use my blinker
i don’t like:  rude people
i write: reminders on post its constantly
i win: at darts
i lose:  rarely ;)
i wish: I would just win the lottery allready!
i never: wear pajamas to bed
i listen: to Jack Johnson more than anything else.
i don't understand: why we have such poor choices for President
i can usually be found: with Matt
i am scared: of having a baby
i need: sombody to Love me (me and Freddy Mercury)
i forget: so much stuff its ridiculous
i am happy: that today is such a fun day!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kristin and Rigdon come to visit :)

Last night Kristin (my bros wife) and my nephew Rigdon flew in from Puyallup, WA!  I was so excited to see them both!  Rigdon has grown so much I couldnt believe how much bigger and more grown up he is!  Matt and I went out to my parents to visit, and get Outlaw gear for our costumes :)  It was a fun time!  i wanted to get a picture of the 2 cousins together for the first time.  Kash has started smiling now!  I heart babies ;)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Meet Cletus

So, Matt and I carved a totally redneck pumpkin last night.  He is crosseyed, has a pig nose and buck teeth!  But he sure looks StellAR on our FronT PoRCh!  We lovingly named him Cletus :)  HApPy HAllOWeEn!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Just a random pic I snapped of Matt and I this morn before work.  What a handsome Gunsmith :)
This is a little ottoman that we aquired from Matts grandma.  it was covered in some fleece or something, so I decided to revive it and make it match our house.  I LOve LOVE love the shape of it and i found 6 yards of this fabric at Somebodys Attic (local CAPSA thrift store that i LOVE!) for .75 cents!  Holy Smokes!  If anyone has a suggestion of what to put on the part where the 2 ends of the rope meet, to cover that up.  Let me know!  I was thinking a button or something, but I dont really know.
My cute mom then went to hobby lobby with me to find some trim braid.  I think we did a pretty good job picking it out!  Thanks Mama!

The wreath I made  from dollar tree!  I just noticed on the right side there is a huge hole!  Im gonna have to get that fixed.  Dont judge me :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bored of Blogging...

So lately I have just been really not in the mood to post.  Dont worry, Ive still been stalking other peoples blogs.  Anyway, not much exciting stuff has been going on lately.  Last week Matt took me on a date to MADDOX! 
 I love that place!!!  It was so fun to drive over there, we just laughed the whole time.  i had so much fun, I told him to ask me out on dates more often.  So last night he asked me if I wanted to go on a date in our living room :)  what a nerd!  But it was really fun, and we laughed a whole lot more.  He ordered a pizza (Not pepperoni...) 
and we rented What Happens in Vegas.  It was a pretty cute movie.  Anyway...Thanks for the dates, lover.  I feel cool when you ask me out! 
I have been doing a few crafts lately... :)  Cuz I love them.  Ill post pics later.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Danielle Kaye Cook

My Fabulous Inlaws *(Julie and Jim)* with baby Danielle
Emily, Estella, and me and Danielle
Emily and Trevor (Matts sis and her hubby) welcomed their new baby Danielly last thursday.  She was 6 lbs 7 oz, even though she was about 3 weeks early.  Both her and Em seem to be doing Fab.   She is absolutely Perfect!!!

Kash money :)

So Last week I took off Tuesday, so I could go and hang with Mikela and Kash all day.  We had fun *(sleeping)* but he did get his first bath that day!   DrAmA! :)  He didnt seem to like it very much.  But he sure looked cute in his little Bear Towel!  Sorry, No pics of that!.  But he is SooOO precious!  His Jondice (sp) is going down, so hes not quite so yellow anymore :)  I heart him

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Eight TV Shows I Love to Watch

1: Prison Break
2: Most things on HGTV
3: College footbal
4: The Hills
5: weeds
6: My name is Earl
7: The Office
8: Dateline

8 Things That Happenend Yesterday

1: worked
2: Ate at Firehouse!  YUMMMY
3: called t-mobile
4: Hung out with some friends
5: Hung out with our Bro-in law
6: Did laundry
7: Did dishes
8: Ate dinner with Matt

8 Favorite Places to Eat
(Not in any particular order)
1: My house
2: Mom's house
3: Angies
4: Firehouse
5: El Toro Viejo
6: Formosa
7: Taco Time
8: Jim and Julies house

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1: SCI show in Reno
2: visiting Puyallup in Jan/feb
3: Seeing Kash again
4: Seeing Emily's new baby
5: Getting a raise
6: Scentsy Party tonight
7: Matt quitting his construction job
8: Kristin and Rigdon visiting in 3 weeks :)

8 Things on My Wish List

1: Sewing Machine
2: new TV
3: new car
4: breakfast
5: mikela to never move away again
6: Red bull
7: Honey roasted cashews--im hungry
8: New puppy

8 People I Tag

I will not torture any of you like that.  Do it at your own will :)